Transactions, Businesses & Private Equity

Credibility is the currency of commerce and the commercial transactions is the support system of any economic life. However the changing rhythm of business and the need for companies to keep up with the dynamic reality of business makes it important for every business owner to have a legal team to provide legal advice on every commercial or transactional dealing. Therefore you need a legal representative that has an extensive practical experience and has adapted to these changes in the rules of commerce. We at LLH are capable of providing all strategic legal advice to foster the making of correct business decisions and ensuring our clients preservation of rights and profits. Through these services, we have assisted our clients with buying, selling, securities, access to funding, funding of projects, contract negotiations, franchise agreements, and an array of commercial and transactional documentation. We possess an in-depth local knowledge and an understanding of cross-border legal regimes through our associates and strategic partners across the globe. It is this global footprint which ensures that we have the resource to structure and assist our clients on private equity deals in Nigeria and around the world.