We provide top-notch and global standard service delivery to both corporate and individual clients and in the most appreciable manner. We are a dynamic firm and with industry experience in the fields of corporate finance and services, Banking, capital market, Taxation, Privatizations and Divestments, Land and property law; intellectual property; employee benefits, Acquisitions and mergers, as well as Transnational joint ventures, all in the areas of commercial transactions.


The future is in codes, hence we employ the use of softwares and Apps for easy running of the firms business in Legal services delivery.


Our approach is simple but critical, on time delivery of services rendered is the strongest way to keep a client happy. We expertly deliver Consultancy advise as well as Think Tank Services, Report Writing, Presentations and brief writing.


We render retainer services that truly works for our client. Ensuring that all their legal needs are well catered for. Our Loan and debts recoveries for banks, individuals, companies is clearly outstanding. The firm's broad understanding of governmental policies and excellent grasp of the corporate and financial sector is an added advantage to the success of the firm so far on loan and debts recoveries.


Looking to buy or lease a premises or Set up a corporate organisation or procure legal permits and approvals? We are here to assist you.


We pride our selves in churning out the best paper work, be it research, report, term papers, proposal and business plans as well as Contracts and Agreements. Our documentation services further includes drafting and preparing all kinds of legal documents such as General Contracts, Agreement, Debentures, Mortgage, Power of Attorney, Lease Agreement, Arbitration, Receivership and other allied matters.

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Research is key in every facet of Law be it academic or procedural, however the availability and use of relatable resources is indispensable in gathering any profitable research work or knowledge base. This is why Lawscope Library is committed to the dissemination of legal knowledge through Law-Books by Nigerian Authors, Articles and Research Theses by scholars on different law subjects and all tailored for specific and general knowledge profitability of Students, Lawyers, Judges, Para-legals and general researchers of Nigeria Law.Lawscope Library is a web and mobile based educational app designed and programmed to host LawBooks, Articles and theses, the purpose of which is to drive adequate legal research in schools of learning awarding law degree and more so showcase our wealth of resources to trans-border and international researchers interested in our legal jurisprudence.The Nigerian Legal community is blessed with brilliant minds who have committed time and energy to write books and other materials for research purposes, equally the community is loaded with research enthusiasts who are ICT and socially inclined but hardly have access to relatable ematerials for their reading and research work. What Lawscope has done is to bring these resources to our targeted users, get them to read, provide answers to their raging questions and assist in improving their overall proficiency through our dedicated and tailored research content.


At Lawscope Blog, we have drawn strength from understanding the needs of our target users and developing innovative ways of meeting them. With our blog platform, we get to engage better with our users by assisting them with short but witty scholarly write ups curated by the LLH team from our array of resources in the library. The blog answers mind boggling legal questions through these write ups. What we have also done is to create this using a very simple user interface for our users to simply click and read our expertly curated legal posts. The blog is gearing to becoming the number 1 legal blog in Nigeria and a major reference point for interactions over legal matters. The site is a free service opened to all users and visitors of the website as we intend to use this platform to facilitate better interaction with the users and general public while delivering on our core value of making legal research easy and effectively delivered.